If you have been at Wheatland for any length of time, you will know that we are blessed to have the "problem" of being stretched for space. In order to address some of these space challenges and also accommodate for future growth, we put together a Master Plan for this campus and launched the Deeper Roots Building Campaign. The Master Plan includes significant increases and improvements to our current campus including: 1) rearranging and renovating our nurseries, 2) adding classrooms and a fellowship hall, 3) enlarging our sanctuary, and 4) expanding our parking lot. 

On Sunday, March 19th, we held a Congregational Meeting to present the final construction plans of Phase One of the project as well as the cost of Phase One. You can learn more about Phase One, the Master Plan, and get answers to some common questions below. 

Deeper roots: Media

Please use the videos below  to learn more about our Deeper Roots building campaign



  • PRAY: Join us in prayer as we seek to make the best use of the physical space that God has provided for this congregation.
  • PLEDGE: Make a commitment to give to this campaign over and above your regular giving. To do this, complete a pledge card and place it in the offering plate or email Barb Smith (bsmith@wheatlandpca.orgof your intention to give . Pledge cards are available in the  Fellowship Hall (on our Deeper Roots wall).
  • GIVE: Fulfill your pledge by making regular contributions to the building fund. You can make these gifts electronically through Elexio or you can place checks marked for the building fund in the offering plate.


Master Plan - We have developed a long-term plan to meet all of the needs on our campus through the Deeper Roots Master Plan. If you would like to view the designs for this Master Plan, click here

Phase One - We have decided to address some of the most pressing needs on our campus during Phase One of our Master Plan. To view the site plans for Phase One of our Deeper Roots Building Campaign, click here

frequently asked questions

Q. When will work begin on Phase 1?   

A: We are breaking ground in the Fall of 2023.   

Q: How long will it take for Phase 1 to be complete?  

A: Actual construction will likely take approx. 9 months to complete.  Estimated completion date is Summer 2024.  

Q: How long will it take for us to complete the Master Plan?  

A: This is mostly dependent on congregational giving.  If there is sufficient funding, continued work on the master plan could commence soon after phase 1 is complete.  However, it may be necessary to delay continued work on master plan until sufficient funds have been raised.  

Q: What is the projected cost for Phase 1?  

A: Projected cost for phase 1 is $3.8 mil.  

Q: What is the projected cost of the Master Plan?  

A: Projected cost for Master Plan is between $7-9 mil. 

Q: What is our fundraising goal? 

A: Our goal is to raise $2 mil by the end of 2024. We are currently on track to meet this goal. 


Q: How can I give to this project? 

A: The first thing you should do is complete a pledge card indicating how much you can contribute to the building campaign over and above your regular giving through 2024. Once you have completed a pledge card, you can make contributions to the building fund on Elexio or by writing a check. 


Q: How do I make a pledge? 

A: Pledge cards can be picked up at the building campaign table in the fellowship hall. You can fulfill your pledge by making regular contributions to the building fund, either through Elexio or with a check in the offering plate, designated to the building fund. You can also email Barb Smith at

Q: If I currently give to the Building Fund on a regular basis, should my pledge include this amount? 

A: Yes, your pledge should reflect the total amount you expect to give to the Building Fund over the pledge period. For example, if you currently give $100 per month to the Fund and intend to give an additional $200 per month in support of the capital campaign, indicate $300 per month on your pledge card.


Q: How much will congregational giving need to increase for us to meet our $ 2 mil goal? 

A: Giving will need to increase by an estimated 70% over and above current giving for the next 3 years for us to raise $2 mil by the end of 2024.


Q: Will the church pursue financing to fund this project? 

A: Yes, on March 26, 2023, the congregation voted to approve a loan of up to $1,900,000. The loan will be used to cover the costs of the project beyond what can be raised through congregational giving. 

Q: Why isn't the whole parking lot being built into Phase One?

A: We have delayed a portion of the parking lot for later phases to direct additional funds toward building improvements in Phase One. The entire parking lot could be built during Phase One if funds are available. The larger parking becomes a greater priority (requirement) with an enlarged sanctuary in later phases. 

Q: What will we do if we raise more money than our $2 mil goal?

A: We will have more options including take on less debt and/or adding more work to our Phase One project. 

Q: I still have more questions! Where do I go? 

A: For questions about the building campaign, contact Joe Hunter. For questions about the building plans and phasing, contact Glyn Boone