Care Groups

The primary conduit for care at Wheatland is through groups organized by regional "fields." Care Groups provide the opportunity for spiritual growth, relational support, and encouragement. Meetings consist of fellowship, prayer, and discussion. Since our Care Groups are organized geographically, use the list below as a guide to find your Care Group.

Join a Care Group

Once you've found your care group, reach out to the leaders for meeting times and locations. Click their names to email them directly or contact Keith Winder for more information.

Lancaster City - Northwest: Luke and Terilyn Le Duc

Lancaster City - Southwest and East End: Joe and Tenli Hunter

School Lane Hills: Dain and Kristen Zimmerman

Hamilton Park: Jim and Joy Bates

Mountville, Millersville: Dallas and Diane Wolgemuth

Hempfield: Bill and Catherine Achor

Lampeter Strasburg: Paul and Deb Kreider

Leola/New Holland: Glyn and Betsy Boone

Manheim Township: Dan and Tara Spanjer