ESL Ministry

English classes are held on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:45pm from September to May. 

Classes end on May 8.

The English as a Second Language ministry at Wheatland is one of the ways that we are seeking to show the love and welcome of Christ to our local community. Through our weekly classes (meeting in September through May on Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:45pm), we come alongside individuals who are striving to learn English by offering a warm and supportive atmosphere where they can grow in their acquisition of the English language as well as build meaningful friendships that extend beyond the classroom. 

Being able to communicate in English is of primary importance to our students and we are thankful that God has made it possible for us to offer these classes, entering into the lives of others that they may know the loving care of our God and that we may grow in His likeness as we serve Him together. 

If you have any questions about our ESL ministry, please contact Jillian Watkins at jwatkins@wheatlandpca.org

The Row House

Wheatland is affiliated with and supports a unique outreach called The Row House. Founded and run by Tom Becker, The Row House seeks to engage current culture with ancient faith. To achieve that goal, The Row House hosts monthly forums, concerts and gatherings that engage believers, inquirers and skeptics in an atmosphere of hospitality, civility and whimsy. In addition to these events, The Row House engages in social media, blogs, and podcasts.

To see the latest schedule of events or to find more information about the Row House, visit www.therowhouse.org or contact Tom Becker.

supported missionaries


Chris and Kelsey PeterReformed University Fellowship, Millersville University

Trip and Joy Beans - Reformed University Fellowship, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Kyle and Laura Grow - Reformed University Fellowship, San Jose State University, San Jose CA

The Good Neighbor Project - Lancaster, PA

Ben and Calle Dunlop - Youth with a Mission, Lebanon PA

Brian and Mandy Moore - Intervarsity, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster PA

Stanley and Terry Morton - Crown and Joy Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA

Cheryl Erb - Engaging Disability with the Gospel, Lancaster PA

Bill and Priscilla O'Byrne - Imago Cristi, Church Resource Ministries, Lancaster, PA

Love Inc. - Lancaster, PA

Align Life Ministries - Lebanon, PA

Harvest USA - Dresher, PA



Katherine Hines - Hines Ugandan Ministries, Uganda

Molly DeBruin - Mission to the World, Ethiopia


Rob and Jenny Ilderton - Mission to the World, United Kingdom

Matt and Jenn Irvine - Serge, United Kingdom

Mark and Marti Mylin - Greater Europe Mission, France

* Sensitive Areas - Some of Wheatland's missionaries serve in fields where great sensitivity is required. We have additional missionaries serving in Africa and Asia, but are unable to publish information about their work since this could be detrimental to their ministry.