Giving is an act of worship and part of our discipleship. The call to be generous with the resources God has given to us is expressed throughout the Scriptures. At Wheatland, we commit to give regularly, by supporting the church's ministries with a measured portion of personal income. We do this, not out of guilt or compulsion, but out of gratitude and thankfulness, proclaiming Jesus is Lord over all of our lives.

Give Online: Make a one-time gift or recurring gifts through our secure giving portal. Note that you must create an account for online giving even if you have an elexio account. Use the same email for the online giving username to ensure your online gifts will merge with your elexio records.

NeEd more options?

 Mobile App: Scroll to the footer of this page to download our app and make a one-time gift.

Cash or Check: Give during our Sunday Worship Services.