fall 2020 update

Please take a few minutes to watch the video update on Fall 2020 at Wheatland. (Click on the "Fall 2020" image for the video). For more detail on two documents mentioned in the video, see below.

Fall 2020 at Wheatland: This document compiles all of our ministries that will be on offer for the Fall of 2020. If you have a question about whether or not something is happening, this will be a reliable guide. Click here to download "Fall 2020 at Wheatland." 

Racial Inequality and Injustice: This summer, as our nation has been struggling to come to grips with our long history of racial inequality and injustice, we are asking the question, "what is the church's role in this? What is a gospel response when there are so many voices clamoring to be heard?" As our session seeks to humbly listen and learn, we have begun by reading and discussing a report by our denomination entitled, "Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation." We invite you to download this document and read along with us as well. Click here to download the report: "Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation."