a  journey through lent

Wednesday, February 14th, is Ash Wednesday, the formal start to the season of Lent that culminates in our Resurrection celebration services on Easter Sunday, March 31st. Lent, taken from the Old English word meaning ‘springtime’, is a spiritual spring-cleaning of sorts. It is a time when the church together raises the windows and invites a fresh breeze of God’s Spirit to blow through our lives. It is a season of intentional inquiring as to the places our hearts are searching for satisfaction. It is a journey along the road of thoughtful and costly fasting and repentance for our sin, and all the ways that we are laying up treasure in places other than God’s Kingdom. 

As we journey through Lent together, please consider using the books we have provided in the narthex or the guides below (for adults and children).

daily lenten prayer guide

We sometimes struggle to pour out our hearts to God in prayer, because so often we feel we do not have the words. This prayer guide is filled with prayerful words that come directly from God’s word. It is the hope of the Session that as we listen to God’s Word and speak God’s Word that his Word, the Lord Jesus, will shape not only our words to him, but our very lives in his image. As we commit to using this guide as a way to shape our daily prayers, we engage in prayer together. This guide also serves as a reminder that we belong to a particular body called together to seek the one Lord who loved us and gave himself for us. 


The Daily Lenten Prayer Guide (click on image) will also be available in the narthex throughout the Lenten season.

Children's lenten guide

The goal of the Little Way Lenten Guide is to invite families to follow the three traditional spiritual practices of Lent (pray, fast, give), based on Jesus’ instructions to his followers in Matthew 6:1-18.  This guide is set up as a 40-day journey toward the resurrection, with a daily Lenten practice card, and simple instructions are given to introduce children to Lent. Drawing from across all Christian traditions, the daily activities are helpful tactile ways for all ages to journey together. 


Like the Daily Lenten Prayer Guide, this guide is posted here (click on image). A few printed copies will also be available in the narthex.